Mae-anna 2019

So…. that was an interesting few months of absence, I won’t bore you with details schmetails, but what I have also been up to is lots of experimenting and honing in on some fancy beauties for us ladies, and not just our minis. Beautiful cuts, luxury finishes and elegance, but in very simple styles. Children’s items are soooo much fun and cute and versatile, but there is just something special about ladies wear; and feels a natural progression. I’ve also had to restructure pricing to be more realistic with running a business and not a hobby. Don’t get me wrong, I am very partial to kids Pep Boutique, and these low cost type shops are wonderful for their intendedpurpose, but there are also times where it’s nice to go a little fancy. We all do it, we covet those things that are more valuable/ expensive, even if subconsciously. Give me earrings and I will lose them weekly, however I have managed to hold onto a fancy pair for a decade, through half a dozen moves inclusive across containent. So what makes clothes ‘bette mader’ than others… Look at the item you are wearing at this very moment, look at the stitching around the hem, probably small stitches right, look again, are they really that small? The bigger the stitch the less time and thread and resources the manufacturer uses, ie cutting costs and compromising the durability of the item. Small stitches are going to keep your garment around for longer and in better shape. Even the so called fancy ranges are guilty of this ‘bigger’ stitch. Next, the finishing, well actually, the thing that sets a good basic from a ‘meh’ item. When you first buy something off the shelf do you have to spend time cutting loose threads off, you know, those things that look like weird long insect legs sticking out from various places? Not good, it’s just sloppy and yet again the ‘high end’ stores are also guilty of this. Moving along….have you heard of a French seam, blimey, sounds fancy doesn’t it! It is. Bet you’ve never seen one in your clothing either. These clever little seams are the perfect look for delicate fabrics and the ultimate in luxury finishing. Then there’s things like adjustable straps, little gold sliders because who doesn’t love gold, sating bias over plain binding, special attention to the drop and shape of certain fabrics and, and, and. It’s a horrible cliche but the little extras really do make the mountain of difference. In all honesty, sewing my own clothes is a guilty pleasure as who wouldn’t want to be able to make whatever they want to wear, but it is really great to be able to share some staples with others too. I have some gorgeous maxi dresses, bodycon oooh love them, a couple of skirts and last but very not least, some exclusive and dreamy lingerie/ sleepwear, no pun intended. Everything I want to keep simple,  with both children and ladies wear, because even before we went all Mary Kondo, we kinda knew that less clutter and less choice is actually just better all around! We look forward to that what the future holds xx

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