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I have been reading a lot of fairy stories to my little daughter the past couple of months, princesses, fairies, ‘naughty’ witches and a fair few queen/ kings/ stepmothers clearly making bad life choices, oh yes and best of all small helpful fluffy talking forest animals. The books are strewn everywhere, sorry, put away and pulled out by said toddler, read, re-read, and questioned, even the default CD in the car is ‘my favourite collection of fairy stories’,  naturally Bibbidy Boppity Boo comes banging on with ignition, so with merry sing songs and exasperated narrators I am also a dab hand at recounting tales of love, luck and misfortunes. Luckily the more modernised versions have less off the head chopping and blood sports. I can’t quite make up my mind on my favourite, although I think it may perhaps be leaning towards Snow White. It was The Little Mermaid thanks to Disney 1991, but bypass the original by Hans Christian Anderson, fairy tales are not supposed to make grown people cry.  Anyhow, there are some great one liners from these fairy stories, and I really love the description of the young Snow White; ‘lips as red as a rose, skin as white as snow and hair as black as ebony’- so I jumped on that bandwagon and hunted (in the more favourable sense of the word, ie. drove around and pestered my favourite fabric houses, what am I saying- they love me! I am a material and haberdashery addict with a party going on in my purse with Visa and a fat old wad of fellow fabric receipts) and found the most beautiful red rose fabric and added some ebony frills, a big silk flower, and arrived with a rather fetching little bolero. OK it may scream a little ‘Lord Fontleroy’ but I am happy with it!  So with winter in mind, I have been dabbling about with some rather special clothing fit for fairy tales and the little folk that naturally accompany them. (Mind you not quite in the realm of seriously puffy princess couture and full on fairy wings). My clothing version of ‘Enchanted’ subtly represents something from the land of the fae where fairies, pixies, fairy tales and little creatures dart out from the undergrowth and scuttle about doing their busy work. Of course some items can be adapted for the summer weather too with slightly different fabrics. The colours have been carefully chosen as earthy, muted and also with an occasional splash of jewel colouring, but these too can be substituted for your own choice. This initial range for Enchanted is evocative of the night visitors, who appear when dusk falls and the mooonlight shimmers. In Summer we will be visiting the daylight creatures who are more vibrant, vivacious and a little cheeky!

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