Mae-anna opening

With a skip, hop and quick 8500 mile flight, I was back on home soil on a not so sunny day on the motherland in the midst of April. After almost a decade on the fair land known as Great Britain, I was back, this time with a family of my own, a business, and rather a large accumulation of worldly possessions. Sssh I haven't admitted to anyone how many of those cartons contained fabrics and other crafty bits. It's taken almost 6 months to set up the business side of things, and I hope you enjoy your Mae-anna South Africa experience.  I've done a little investigating and the SA kids boutique scene just doesn't compare with the sheer choice and edginess of that which is available in the UK and abroad, so we are rearing to go with lots of beautiful items, exclusive ideas and something just that bit special. Whilst we grow, please check our Facebook/ Instagram page as we can't fit everything on the website at the moment, so don't miss out. New products will be coming thick and fast. 

Tammy xx

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